Useful Tips to go Full-time from a Contract

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Doing contract gigs is an easy and interesting way to do a job. Although contract jobs can lend some good deals sometimes, it does not take away the factor of ‘uncertainty’ away from it. The very nature of a contract-based job expects you to jump right into the job and start solving problems. While a few people might be in awe of this no strings attached setup of a contract-based job, others may find themselves desperately longing for the perks that any full-time position provides. Job security, health insurance, and a steady routine are a few perks, which excite everyone.

If you are also fed up of this contract-based setup and wish to turn your contract work into a full-time position, worry not. If you play your cards right, there is a chance that you might get placed full-time for your job. Some contract jobs do not explicitly mention it but there is always a chance to go full-time from a contract.

Follow the few tips below to get to know what it takes to go from contract to full-time:



If you wish to have a full-time job, you should mention that in the interview that you give for your contract job itself. Let your employer know that you are interested in working for a period of time longer than what they expect you to. Be upfront, but within reason. There is a thing such as being too pushy. In your interview, if you repeatedly emphasize on your desire to take your contract job further and turn it into a full-time one eventually, there is a good chance that you get on your recruiter’s nerves and end up losing the job entirely.



Any company’s demand from a full-time employee is efficient work. If you work poorly and under-perform, it becomes quite obvious that you will not be considered to be kept as a full-time employee. You need to make a mark on your recruiter and impress them with quality and timely work. In fact, to actually stand out, contract workers should try and outperform full-time workers. That is likely to make an impact on the employer.



A contract worker should be as interactive as any regular worker is. At times, many workers who work on a contract basis tend to isolate themselves from colleagues because they don’t see themselves as a part of the real team. If you have similar thoughts, then remember, if you do not see yourself as a team member, then how will they? This does not mean that you have to become best friends with them but just do not hesitate in making an effort at communicating with your team members.


  • ASK

All said and none done is not what you should do if you really want a full-time job. It is important to also take an appropriate action to turn your dream of working a full-time job a reality. Contact your employer and check in every few months to see if they have scope for you as a full-time worker. Stay in touch and work for the best.

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